Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Snow Day

The books that I have accumulated during my time here. I am trying to find homes for them all, but of course, it is like parting with dear friends.
The nature of living in a shoe box house is that I have a serious space management problem. Justin built me this great spice rack to help keep my spices in order!
Pictures from the last time it snowed in Kagoshima. It rarely snows in Kagoshima and this year it did twice! Will I ever survive a real snow place? Yet to be told...
The market near my house where I do all my shopping on my way home from work. I hope I can always buy from such quaint markets where all the produce is sold by sweet older gentlemen and ladies who give me snacks! Note the giant daikon (those white radish-looking things) that are a specialty of Kagoshima (the largest radishes in the world to be precise!).

Girls in the park near my house rolling snowballs.
Beautiful powdery snow covered the hills around my school.
My students at the school's entrance.
The neighborhood around my school.
Walking to school with one of my favorite sassy students.

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