Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Festivals and Beaching

The weekends are for exploring unknown beaches where we meet no one else but the fishermen who walk past our tents at 6am.
Our friend Tomo brought some uni from his snorkeling and chopped them open and we ate them right there. Countless experiences of being subjected to eating strange raw sea life with my dad had prepared me for this moment, and I did him proud.

Justin prepares the barbie skewers.

You know, beach stuff.
Eating the skewers.
The yogurt lady. Every day at lunch a yogurt lady brings a messenger bag full of yogurts to my office and I buy her dairy treats. The yogurt carts park outside office buildings and grocery stores and their existence are a mystery to me in a country that doesn't on a whole eat too much dairy. But I love having yogurt delivered to where I work, so I eat all kinds of strange flavors: aloe, grape, aloe and grape together.
The town where Justin lives had a summer festival where all of us civil servants dressed up in happi and learned a coordinated traditional summer festival dance and danced for hours in the street and drank a push cart full of beer.
All kinds of groups got all themed out and we all did the same dance together. Summer dance, sweaty dance, beer dance.

We were supplied with mini cans of beer because apparently it is easier to hold them while you dance.
Best group outfit.
Our beer cart that followed us everywhere/that I followed everywhere.
Our dancing soundtrack.
Justin and I with Miss Kokubu (Justin's town) and Miss Kirishima (bigger town nearby). What fine ladies.

Summer festivals are basically the best - one of the only times that Japanese people get really wild in public. Oh, but the nights are so hot and so sweaty! You've got to do something like dancing in the streets really drunk with your co-workers and students to take your mind off it.

Oh yeah, and an article about Japanese cell phones. (My phone is in the picture!)

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