Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Last Friday Justin and I were walking up Shiroyama (white mountain) headed to the hotel on top for dinner when we met a distressed nurse who had just found this kitten all alone. I told her we would take the kitten to the top of the hill where there is always a lot of cat food left out for the feral hill cats, but when it came down to it I couldn't leave her on the cold, windy hill, all alone with no food. I fell in love.

When she's scared she sits on my shoulder.

She settled right in!
Taking refuge after her bath.
Got to wash you wild kitten!

She's incredibly affectionate and can't be out of physical contact for too long. I couldn't hold her while washing dishes so she fell asleep on my foot.
Kitty cleaning!


vanessa said...

awwwww. your got yourself a bona-fide anime kitten!

Laura said...

i fucking just melted all over the hardwood floors.