Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello Spring

I forgot what it felt like to have my windows open in the evening and to feel the sun on my shoulders! Not quite spring yet, but here she comes!
I have a wicked taste for umbrella thievery which is the outcome of not being able to hold on to my own umbrellas. If I have walked into a building when it was raining and walk out when it is not, it is absolutely garanteed that I will forget my umbrella. As it turns out the two acceptable forms of thievery in Japan are bike and umbrella theft, but I haven't taken to stealing bikes just yet as its too rainy to really enjoy bike riding.
Waiting for the bus in the rain with my students.
A recent going away party for two of the teachers I work with. All the teachers get rotated to different schools something like every 4-7 years to ensure that the schools around the prefecture have an equal chance at having good teachers. We gathered and drank and drank in honor of the leaving teachers and at times it was quite the solemn event. We all had to give speeches about those leaving and they had to give speeches about us and many tears were shed.
On the way home from the drinking/crying party I saw this guy playing his "guitar." I didn't realize that he was clearly nuts until I got right up to him, I was just so drawn in by his outdoor jamming enthusiasm. I guess this is an indicator of how rare it is to see nutters in the streets in Kagoshima... the fact that I am now taking pictures of them. A far cry away from good old Santa Cruz.
This is what the beach looks like. Swimming? No!

A small town recently visited where the descendents of Korean potters who were kidnapped and brought to Kagoshima by the local lord still live and make pottery.
Chillin' in the park on a sunny day. Japanese kids are always unbearably cute.
Ew, these dogs are terrible. Why are their faces always tear-stained and frozen in a pout?
An amazing self-decorated house (I am guessing?) near one of my schools.
Oh for the love of mechanized food production (or not?)! What a great machine! These sweets are like mini thick pancakes with sweet white bean on the inside and you eat them when they are warm and gooey and make you need at least ten more.
A cemetary on a rainy day.


bren said...


i just moved to kagoshima to teach english and i found your blog a la google. I havent been here long, maybe a week, but from what i can tell there isnt a plethora of english speakers so i thought i'd drop you a note. i'm from Atlanta Georgia and i'm still going to bed around 8:30. these are my two favorite albums at the moment:
Au Revoir Simone and The Nextdoor Neighbors. heres the links!
from the first one i particularly love "All or Nothing" and the later i love "Magic VS the Machine".
anyway, i saw you've been at this awhile so i thought i'd introduce myself! If anything, enjoy those albums!

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kelly-inkagoshima said...

Dear Bren!

We like the same music! That means we should be friends! My keitai mail address is
Let's get coffee?


Anonymous said...

ihave family in izumi-gun and akune and such.

in izumi (takaono-cho) the nakasato-kanbanya-san is my cuzin "Yoichi". if you drive by the highway tell him Yumi says hello via the internet and give him my email address.


it would be nice to hear from all my relatives.