Friday, February 20, 2009

On Okonomiyaki and Other Bits

Okonomiyaki is a kind of savory pancake that usually has cabbage and many goodies mixed into the batter. "Okonomi" means "however you like it" and "yaki" means "grilled," so when you go to an okonomiyaki restaurant you choose from a menu of toppings and ingredients to have mixed into your pancake.
You order your ingredients and either your server dishes it up for you on a grill at your table or you dish it up for yourself and do all the grilling. The ingredients offered vary depending on what region you are in, but mostly consist of different sea foods, meats and vegetables and green onion that all get mixed together into a grill-up. We ordered the local Kagoshima black pork on top of ours and when the pancake was flipped all the juices sizzled into the batter and it was mouthwateringly delicious.
Our server took care of us, flipping at the right times, removing grease and putting up with me high fiving him in excess.
When they are done you slather various sauces on them and cut portions off to eat in a smaller dish. Mmmm!
Its hard to see what's going on in this picture... but in my office there is this tooth-brushing cabinet that you can open and make use of whenever the tooth-brushing mood strikes you. People brush their teeth a lot here... which should mean that everyone has really good teeth, but in fact it is the exact opposite. Japanese people have THE worst teeth I have ever seen. Literally, rotting away, huge holes and murderous breath. It's still very shocking to me because everyone seems to meticulous about their phsyical appearance but for this one (very important) area...
This is also hard to get a look at, but one of my teachers wears these removable arm sleaves when he works to protect his shirt from getting dirty while he pushes paper. These Japanese folk, so fastidious!
Characters on the tram.
Album cover/ dreaming of some California psychedelia.
Ladies lunching.
Album Cover Part II/ A recent visit to an open air art museum. Quite a drive into the hills there is an outdoor sculpture garden where sculptures made by various international artists are places on lawns and in woods and you can wander around exploring them. A good place for a picnic!
Iron tunnel to nowhere.
Outdoor sculpture.


Rachel S said...

You + those mushrooms = dreams coming true

Gabriela Anastasio said...

Kelly, this is Gabbi from Santa Cruz - not sure if you remember me but, I am in love with your blog. it's so good!! perfect balance of pictures and words, and funny! so - this picture of the gold rings in the sculpture garden, i LOVE it! Can I buy it from you in high-res if you have it? I would love to frame it! Keep up the quality bloggerrhythm :)