Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tokyo Pics, Last Round

It is traditional in Japan for a family to go to the husband's mother's house on the first of January and the wife's mother's house on the second day of January.  This mean that I had two days of feasting with two branches of family!   I didn't miss Christmas at all! (This is my mom's family, me in the back row, clutching my stuffed belly)
Mmmm, New Year's food.

Haha, there is a huge section in the medicine store dedicated to these face masks that everyone wears in public here when they get sick.   No way, not every going to wear one.  Not even if you paid me.
At my cousin's husband's mother's (haha, dog's uncle's sister in-law) New Year gathering.  We ate these raw shrimp that you peel and eat whole.  I was a little wary of this dish at first, but the meat is really creamy and delicious.

We drank sweet nihon-shu (sake) out of this ceramic cow, which delighted me, but truthfully I would have been more delighted were I not so hung over from the day before and could actually enjoy contemplating drinking alcohol.
Slicing sashimi.
This is a snack made of dry fish mixed with sugar and soy sauce and cashews.  I don't think its the worst thing you can eat, but its not my fav, so I stuck to the cashews.
My cousin chooses New Year's decorations to hang at her front door.
More karaoke-ing.  This is the device that tells the karaoke machine which song to chose. 


vanessa said...

wow! that feast looks magnificent. and what a family portrait! even the dogs are dressed up.

Blake said...

I'm stuck without any decent Japanese food for hundreds of miles and you tease me like this?! How dare you!