Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Scanning things at work

Today is a day that happens often at work: I come to school and the English teachers ask me: "Kelly, have you heard about today's schedule?" To which I always answer, "No," because no one ever tells me anything at my schools. They then answer: "Today classes are cancelled because it is Sports Day Part II, or a speech contest, or a nurse is coming to give sex ed., or there will be a lounge jazz performance all day." Faced with the unpredictability of having classes or not, I always come to school armed with lots of things to keep me busy. Or, I kill a lot of time on the internet.

Today I got the chance to use the school's scanner which is circa 1999, so the image quality could be better ( I think it just adds to the beauty of these images).

My mom recently sent me this copy of Sunset Magazine's 1989 Thanksgiving edition. I have always had a deep, deep guilty pleasure for Sunset. Everytime I am at some friend's family's house I take a peek at California Coastal weekend getaways, the top ten hiking spots of the Southwest, Fall cookie recipes for the office, and new patio designs for my updated Santa Monica bungalo!

These images and their attempt to capture some kind of southwestern fusion remind me in their super saturated way of these postcards we found at the Bargain Barn of foods from the 60's and hung on the wall. Oooh yellows and reds, I want to you eat you!

The cover. I have been using these images in lessons about Thanksgiving at one of my schools. But I am afraid that the pictures haven't been making my students too thrilled about our Thanksgiving foods...

Ok, so why use this 1989, vintage piece of cultural history, other than the fact that these foods look amazing? That blonde, sitting in that attractive young mother's lap is me! And of course, the mother is my mom! One of my mom's friends was some kind of Sunset Magazine editor and got us this sweet gig! My one and only taste of extra stardom!

Another kind of stardom... Japanese puricura , or these notorious photobooth pictures that we have all come to know and love! These were taken on that night of the drunken bonenkai with my school teachers.

Ok, so I am obviously really drunk in these pictures and I was trying to really capture that essence of when you are in 7th grade and take "sexy" photo booth shots with your friends.  The other folks didn't catch on to this idea, so the result is that I just look like a merciless ham! That's fine by me... That teacher at the bottom is one of my favorites.

Oh no!! Ha, this blog has become a dumping ground for awful and embarrassing photos of me.  To match this mug I wrote "East Side gurlzzz" (our school's name is East School) and "yeah gurl" all over everything but I'm not sure that my teachers thought it was particularly funny.


vanessa said...

had i known you were so famous i would have sucked up to you more. i tried getting a gig being a movie extra recently, but after filling out hella stuff online they told me i had to pay them 200 dollars so that i could eventually get a supposed large sum of money for standing around in the background of some dumb movie. what a bummer.

Laura said...

Maybe the best blog entry ever. What a twist! I so was not expecting were so BLOND! More surprises.