Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall Fashion! Obvious things like: I love moccasins and Yippee for sweater weather

Due to the fact that my bus drops my off right in front of it and lots of food is located inside of it, I spend a pretty fair amount of time each day wandering through the mall near my house  poking around in interior design stores or the hundreds of stores where all the clothes look basically the same and cost an arm and a leg.  So I thought I might show you a little of what's hot for fall in Kagoshima.  I mostly took pictures of things I liked and obviously I can't cover all of the fashion options, so take it or leave it.  (This orange backback made to look like my dad's old North Face back pack that is probably from 1978 will soon be mine!)
Ok, "Indians" are really in for Fall.  Along with informing Japanese people that red wine is not served chilled, apparently no one has clued the population in to the idea of political correctness (for better or for worse).  So this season, slap an Indian on a shirt and sell it for $80 and you get instant cool.
The guy working at the Indian store.  He told me he was going to San Francisco in a month and I wanted to warn him not to wear the shirts from his store, but his vest - I was about to rip it off him and wear it myself.
What else can I say?
So the female counterpart of shirts with Indians on them are millions of moccasins! They make me want to cry with joy!  However, most of them are really shittily made and still cost upwards of $70 and those that are real leather from somewhere in South American definitely cost twice as much.  I would cream all over these in a thrift store, but can't shell out this kind of dough for them.
This girl almost burst into tears of joy when I asked her if I could take her picture.  I'm way into this apron/overall dress ensemble.
More moccasins/ankle boots.
Mmm, so cozy!
A girl tries on various ankle boots.

Oh god! They are everywhere! Thank god I was an excessive packer and brought my Minetonka's or else I would probably end up shelling out the dough.
Mmm, padded Chinese/hippy jacket.
All the colors of the rainbow!
Layering is real in.  Japanese girls are for the most part quite waifish, so the layering gives them a sort of good dimension...however I mostly feel very large when I have five other items of clothing on.
Oh yes, cutesy embroidered jewelry.  What's not to love?
The Indian store display window, for all to see.
This is me on an average day of work, living the business-casual high life.
I still haven't bedazzled my cell phone, but for some reason when Sex and the City came out here everyone thought that jeweled acrylic nails and cell phones were a Carrie Bradshaw trend.  I can't argue with the appeal of glitz...
Some great Fall plaid!
Girls on an escalator exhibiting some classic young Japanese woman fashion sense: leggings and short dresses with heels.  All in all, I can breathe a sigh of relief that I am in a country where moccasins and leggings are the new black.


Rachel S said...

Ughhh those moccs are dreamy! If I had some sort of income things would be different...

Apron Thrift Girl said...

What an amazing experience for you. I love seeing these photos and a little glimpse of Japan. I really hope to travel there in the next few years.

shesacuckoo said...

Kelly, I am delighted to see that you are reporting on both volcanoes and Japanese fashion- so good!

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post, but I found it in 2011, and had to comment.

"Indian" here, refers to the Indian Motorcycle Company (1910-1953) originally from Springfield, Massachusetts, USA.
The stylized word "Indian" on the shirts is the logo of this company.

It would be "politically-correct" even cool to wear any of these shirts in San Francisco, or anywhere in the U.S.
These motorcycles are considered collectible investments because of their historical significance.

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