Tuesday, September 16, 2008

To the Volcano!

There's nothing like a trip to the onsen to usher in the feeling that you really are in Japan.  The source of the Furosato hotspring comes from the roots of this incredible tree and there is a small shrine to pay tribute to.

The shrine in the roots of the tree.
Hanging out with his rock.
The best thing to do in a hotspring is to just hang out and sweat a lot.  Pretty much a lifestyle that I can get used to.

Different hot water stations...

I am pretty shameless about taking pictures of everyone, everything, regardless of permission granted.
When you get too hot, you can jump into the sea, which can be quite a struggle wearing these robes.  Ha, the ocean is really nice and pretty warm itself, but once in its hard to not let the current pull you in your robes out to see.  Furosato onsen is one of the only onsen in the area where men and women can go into the same area together, so you have to wear the attire provided.  
Philip and I decided to check out the Furosato Onsen (hotspring) that are located at the foot of the volcano at the edge of the sea.  Here I am on the ferry over with the volcano behind me.
Where the hotsprings meet the ocean! 
Africa/the volcano.

Lava flows at the base of the volcano, the volcano way in the background.
Here she is, Mt. Sakurajima.  There are always clouds giving her a nice hat.
Right across from the city is an active volcano, Mr. Sakurajima.  So far I haven't seen it smoking too much, but there are supposed to be days when it rains ash on the city.  Ah, just like Southern California in the summer time.

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