Monday, September 1, 2008

In the beginning, there was Tokyo

An attempt at a Tokyo fashion shot.  So far in Japan everyone follows a pretty cohesive style of few bright colors (during the day), lots of shift dresses and leggings, lots of heels, and hardly ever will someone show skin below their collar bone (lots of t-shirts under tanks) but bandaids are acceptable in the place of shorts.  Also, people are slaves to the season change!  The mall near my house just put up fall decorations (forget the sub-tropical climate, it is SEPTEMBER) and now everyone is wearing boots and scarves with their short shorts even though its still 90 degrees and one million percent humidity.  
Riding the subway from Shinjuku to Shibuya.  I never rode at rush hour, so I never got to see those people packers they have to cram everyone on the train nice and tight.  
Folks waiting for the last train at the Shibuya train station.
Vending machines - are, EVERYWHERE.  Cigarette machines,
beer and millions of funny juices, sodas and yoghurt drinks.  
But no snacks!  It is considered rude to eat in public/while walking
and it is amazing - I have only a few times seen a Japanese person eat
in public.  I find it to be pretty inconvenient - you can get cheap
bento lunches at convenience stores that are really good but you can't
just sit on the curb and eat it.  Er, I suppose you could, but so far I am
trying my best not to stick out more than I already do.   

All the foods bellow were found in department store markets or restaurants! Beautiful!

Soba noodle lunch set! Oishi!  I still haven't mastered the art of
 slurping noodles neatly...
Delicious lunch at a restaurant at the top of a shopping mall.
Yakitori - grilled meats on sticks! So delicious - my favorites are chicken wrapped around Japanese mint (shiso) and green peppers stuffed with a pork-chicken combo.  Also, a soba noodle set lunch had at the top of a department store!

Steam buns...mmmm!  I spent my first days in japan in complete joy and awe over the food.  We were put up in a ritzy hotel (to compensate enduring days of mind-numbing workshops and speeches) in Shinjuku, which is the most perfect neighborhood to just wander around with your jaw dropped.  Full of flashing lights and bars and shops and people dressed in Tokyo-wear (lots of heels, either really subdued colors or really over the top).  A neat thing about Japan is that on the basement floor of department stores/malls are amazing grocery stores, restaurants and other food-related shops.  On the top floors, past the clothes and gyms, are fancier restaurants and movie theaters.  Here's to Japanese malls!  


FullmetalFlurry said...

HI!!!!! :D This is your sissssstteerrr!!! RAWR! You now not only have a blog thingy from your travels from India, but now one for crazy out of this world Japan and for all your interesting adventures. XD
Well, see you next time on Skype, my crazy travel-loving sister!

=^. .^= <---KITTY!!

tomtedthos said...

Dis B yore Bro, lets skype some more on freitag(friday). Got some good pics on this page, can you put up some pixels of Japanese trash cans, are there dumpsters in Japan? Are the Trash trucks small and cute? My chemistry teacher is Japanese so if you can give me an in it would be super cool, some obscure funny Japanese thingy only a resident would know and understand.

Megan said...

it all looks so beautiful kelly! i'm excited to read more about your adventures!